Four separate houses with impressive vision in harmony with the incredible panorama view to the Vitosha Mountain are located in the most southern part of the complex.

With area of 446 sqm to 475 sqm and yards of 719 – 865 sqm, each of the houses is able to satisfy the highest requirements for occupancy standard.

The ceilings in the spacious living rooms are 3.20 m high, and the mountain “enters into” the house through the vast windows viewing the yard. Each house has 4 bedrooms and bathrooms, two-car garage and parking lots for guests. There are rooms intended for “hobby”, gym, SPA and warehousing. There are two heating supply installations – thermal pump and gas condense.

Different in terms of architecture, the houses have common features in terms of exclusive functionality and aesthetics corresponding to the dynamic and modern lifestyle and occupancy, and in parallel, providing wonderful conditions for relax and recreation.

Yard – 646 m2  /  Ideal Shares – 73 m2  /  Total – 719 m2
TBA – 471,23 m2
  • Viewing north-south, there is road and pedestrian approach to the buildings from the northern alley. The yards, the spacious living rooms and most of the bedrooms view to the south, to Vitosha Mountain. The main load-bearing structure of the building is solid made of reinforced concrete, skeleton-beamless structure and contour beams.
  • Walls are built of ceramic blocks Winerberger Porotherm.
  • House facades have thermal insulation system and stone, HPL, silicate plaster as per architecture design.
  • Heating supply is ensured either through gas condense boiler and/or thermal pump as a heating source.
  • Water supply and sewage. Houses are connected to the sewage network. Water-mains comprise polypropylene pipes with aluminum insert, thermal and noise insulation and meet all advanced standards.
  • Window frames – PVC  KOMMERLING graphite or similar colour.