The whole team wished to create a residential complex where the sense of space and freedom comes first. To make nature come home and give the feeling of relaxation and timelessness, although the complex is located a few minutes away from the hasty downtown.

  • 1994,44 m² – without common parts

  • 21,648% – common parts %

  • 188,536 m² – common parts

  • 2182,976 m² – property

Provided infrastructure

  • Electricity supply
  • Gasification
  • Rain water drainage
  • Water supply
  • Sewage
  • Intra-complex paved lane
  • Optical cable
  • Lighting and greening of the common parts of the complex
  • Fence along the outer contour of the complex
  • Access control and video surveillance room

Common parts

  • Intra-complex paved lane
  • Access control and video surveillance room